The Third Speech of TOBI Talks is on 12th November at 12:00!

We are glad to announce the third session of TOBI Talks: Effective, co-created and compliant adaptive case management systems for Knowledge workers: Dynamic Condition Response Graphs and the EcoKnow Research Project.

In the speech, Prof. Dr. Hildebrandt will talk about “ Grand Solutions Research Project”, funded by Innovation Fund Denmark, which aims to deliver new technologies for effective, co-created and compliant adaptive case management systems for knowledge workers in order to enhance the use of process automation. He will explain the key technology of the project, which is now commercially supported by a software stack; the declarative Dynamic Condition Response graphs.

In this session of TOBI Talks we will get insights about how 10 years of research turns into a technology which is being used broadly in governmental institutions. Along with theoretical background, demo of the tool and suggestions for future research will be presented.

With this session, we will be halfway through TOBI Talks so make sure not to miss the chance of learning more about how to take a step forward in research and how to discover the opportunities for future development.


Location: Fürther Straße 248 (Entrance Electrolux, not TÜV!), 90429 Nürnberg, 1st Floor on the right in the lobby. See this site for details.

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