Practice-oriented research and education

For us, engaging with practice is part of our conception of information systems research. We collaborate with companies both in research and teaching to work on actual problems faced by practitioners. We aim to solve these challenges mostly with design science research – creating artefacts that are useful for practice.

How to cooperate

  • Publicly-funded Research: You want to collaborate long-term to work on innovative topics? Let’s apply for public funding to work on research projects without having to worry about resources.
  • Contracted Research: You need support with an innovative topic and you need it now? We offer our services for a flat fee depending on your needs.
  • Education and Professional Development: You need an external impulse on cutting edge, innovative topics? We offer workshops and training to educate you on the newest trends and technologies.
  • Joint PhD projects: Funding a PhD student allows your organisation to work on highly innovative topics with scientific methods while assuring immediate impact and benefits.
Interested to cooperate? Get in touch now!