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Our Mission

To improve information processing and decision-making in organizations for the mutual benefit of organizations, individuals, and society.


What we strive for

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  • As part of our seminar “Data-driven process optimization in electronics production with process mining”, we had the opportunity to experience the production process at Diehl Metering up close last week. The manufacture of water meters requires precision and innovative technology, as they are used fo...

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  • Business processes are the backbone of value creation in companies. In modern companies, the execution of almost all process steps is supported by IT and documented via data traces. Process mining technology uses this data to improve processes, for example by measuring the performance of processes. ...

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  • Our BPM Winter School took place last week in Liechtenstein. Of course, the first thing to emphasize is what a great range and quality of content we can offer our FAU WiSo students. So many dear and highly esteemed experts for many facets of business process management in a compact one-week program ...

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