We design methods and tools for the development and operation of information technology-based service systems, particularly for the industry. In this field, we use techniques of business process management and information modelling. The results achieved, directly contribute to solving operational issues and societal challenges.

The “new” Information Systems Chair at FAU

Research-in-Progress Paper Presentation at ECIS 2019 in Sweden The Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems was present at 27th European Conference on Information Systems (ECIS 2019) with Sven Weinzierl’s presentation of the research-in-progress paper “Predictive Business Process Monitori...

Bachelor Seminar SS2019 in cooperation with Adidas The module’s subject is a practical view on technologies surrounding the topic of Process Automation. Students will be working on issues with practical orientation and will be designing prototypes, that illustrate an exemplary implementation. The...


Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems

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