Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke as a guest at the Schöller Fellow Lunch Talk

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This week, the Institute of Information Systems welcomed the new Senior Fellow of the Dr. Theo and Friedl Schöller Research Center Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke from the University of Liechtenstein.

Prof. Dr. Jan vom Brocke is Hilti Endowed Chair of Business Process Management and Director of the Institute of Information Systems. His research has been published in many VHB-Jourqual A+ and Financial Times Top 50 journals, including Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Journal of Management Information Systems, and MIT Sloan Management Review.

As part of the Schöller Fellow Lunch Talks at Department of Economics and Social Sciences, he explained the ways in which Process Science supports the understanding of continuous change and invites interdisciplinary scholarly contributions to theory and practice. We look forward to intensive cooperation with the Schöller Fellow in the future!

A video recording of the talk will be made available soon at