Exciting insights at Diehl Metering

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As part of our seminar “Data-driven process optimization in electronics production with process mining”, we had the opportunity to experience the production process at Diehl Metering up close last week. The manufacture of water meters requires precision and innovative technology, as they are used for up to 15 years in a wide variety of environments.

The data collected in the manufacturing process is used in the seminar to analyze and improve production processes with the help of process mining.
This practical experience offers our students a valuable perspective on how data analysis and process optimization go hand in hand in modern industry. Over the next few weeks, our students will examine the data in detail in order to identify specific optimization potential.

An exciting and instructive afternoon that shows us how important it is to combine theory and practice! A big thank you to Philipp Hildenbrand and Sven Hochstrat for the great organization and the exciting insights into the production lines.