Business Process Management (Bachelor)

Notes on the summer semester 2022

The course “Business Process Management” will partially take place online and live in the summer semester 2022.
The lecture is generally on Wednesday at 11:30am – 1:00pm. You can get a zoom link in the StudOn course.

Course content

  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • The BPM lifecycle
  • Process identification: context, process architectures, selection / prioritisation of processes for optimisation
  • Introduction to process modelling with BPMN
  • Advanced process modelling: recurrences, rework, events, exceptions, rules, best practices
  • Process discovery: methods, modelling, quality control
  • Qualitative process analysis
  • Quantitative process analysis
  • Process redesign: background, transactional methods, transformative methods
  • Process True Information Systems: Types, Benefits, Challenges
  • Process implementation with executable models
  • Process monitoring: context and approaches, techniques from process mining, performance measurement,
  • Techniques for business process management in knowledge-intensive processes
  • Business process management as an enterprise capability

Learning objectives and competences


  • acquire sound knowledge of basic issues, terminology and practical relevance of business process management,
  • will be able to understand and explain central concepts in process modelling and automation,
  • can distinguish and explain different types of modelling notations (imperative, declarative),
  • can understand and explain different stages in the BPM lifecycle and their stakeholder requirements,
  • are able to understand and model business processes in BPMN,
  • are able to analyse and optimise business processes,
  • are able to select and use applicable techniques, notations and concepts from Business Process Management for the respective field of application from the extensive range.


The lecture will be held on Wednesday at 11:30am – 1pm. The first date is 2022-04-27 in lecture hall H5.
The tutorial will start at Thursday the 05. May at 1:15pm – 2:45pm.

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