The research project AutoCop was launched with a kick-off meeting

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The joint project “AutoCoP – Automatisiertes Content Providing durch Smarte Steuerungssysteme” of the Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs, Energy and Technology was launched on 27th April 2018 with a kick-off meeting at Simon Möhringer Anlagenbau GmbH. AutoCop is based on the conviction that the data infrastructure of the digital factory and smart algorithms can (semi-)automatically structure and dynamically update system documentation. Due to the increasing level of industrial plants’ complexity, a single delivery of system documentations is no longer sufficient. Therefore, this research project aims at creating technological possibilities for a dynamic continuation of technical documentations, based on the detection of anomalies in sensor data. AutoCop detects anomalous behavior and defect cases of industrial plants through the systematic analysis of sensor data. The resulting information is subsequently merged with context information and expert knowledge. As a consequence, clear instructions for complex defect cases can be provided at the machine. Additionally, diagnoses and corrections can be carried out by users with different levels of qualification and experience. Eventually, the newly created technological possibilities should be transferred to innovative services.

Contact persons: Tobias Pauli und Emanuel Marx