Process Analytics (Masters, WS)


The course deals with data-driven analysis of business processes. Therefore, different technical, organizational and business aspects of process improvement are discussed with Process Mining being at the center of attention.

The module has a strong practical focus and encourages students to apply methods and concepts learned during the lecture in a group project.

In the group project, the students will act as consultants hired to analyse a business process and to discover improvement potentials. For this purpose, the students will deal with process mining tools (e.g. Celonis).

Learning objectives and skills

Students learn about…

  • Tools/Technologies
    • Process Mining
    • Databases/data structures
    • Source systems
  • Value add
    • Business case
    • KPIs/PPIs
    • Actions – „Prescriptive Analytics“/Operational benefits
  • Organizational aspects
    • Change management
    • Roles and collaboration

Method of examination

  • Written exam
  • Presentation

Module compatibility

  • Master International Information Systems (from 2018/19):
    • Module in the section Information Systems – Architectures & Development (Core
      Course or Elective)
  • Master International Information Systems (from 2016/17):
    • Module in the section Information Systems – Extension Courses (Elective)
  • Master FACT
    • Vertiefungsbereich (Modulgruppe Interdisziplinäre Module)
  • Master Wirtschaftsingenieurswesen (Prüfungsordnungsversion: 2009)
    •  Wahlpflichtbereich
    • Vertiefungsmodulgruppe Studienrichtung Management
      • Wahlbereich
        • Services, Processes and Intelligence II
    • Vertiefungsmodulgruppe Studienrichtung International Information Systems
      • Wahlbereich
        • Services, Processes and Intelligence II
  • Master Wirtschaftsingenieurswesen (Prüfungsordnungsversion: 20182)
    • Wirtschaftswissenschaftlicher Bereich

Cf. module handbook for more details

Course Organisation

  • Term: WS23/24
  • Course: Online
  • Registration: StudOn