Service Management and Service Engineering – Lecture and Exercise

General notice

The lecture and exercise as well as the written exam for this module take place regularly in the summer semester. In addition, we offer a written exam in the winter semester based on the material from the previous summer semester. SMSE is not actively tutored in the winter.

Course Content

This course provides an insight into the basic concepts of service research and current trends in IT-supported services. The main focus is on reviewing the methods for the development, analysis, and improvement of services and performance processes. In addition, Information systems for services will be also discussed in this course

Learning Objectives and Skills

Students will be able to:

  • master basic concepts of service research,

  • apply methods of service engineering and service management,

  • to recognize current application areas of service research (e.g. high-tech industry, automotive industry, electromobility, sharing economy), and

  • reproduce the economic and scientific relevance of the service sector.

Language of Instruction


Method of examination

Lecture and Practical Knowledge Exercise: Exam (100%)

Module Compatibility

For students of Wirtschaftsinformatik

  • Module in the elective area Digital Business and Processes (start of studies in WS 2020/21)

  • Module in the core area Digital Business (start of studies from WS 2018/19)

For students of Wirtschaftswissenschaften

  • Module in the core area for students majoring in Wirtschaftsinformatik

  • Module in the area of specialization for students with a focus on Wirtschaftsinformatik, VWL or BWL

  • Module in the area of specialization for students majoring in Wirtschaftspädagogik Studienrichtung I and in the elective area for Studienrichtung II (Zweitfach Wirtschaftsinformatik)

For students of other study programs

  • Module in the wiwi elective area for students of Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen

  • Module in area of specialization for students of International Business Studies (start of studies BEFORE WS 2020/21)

  • Module in Elective modules for students of International Business Studies and International Economic Studies (start of studies AFTER WS 2020/21)



SS 2022


Wednesdays 9.45 – 11.15 (Presence in auditorium LG H6 BISSANTZ)


Wednesdays 11.30 – 13.00 (StudOn self-study + presence question time in the auditorium LG H3 GFK)




The StudOn course is online as of 01.04.22 and can be accessed without a password.

The organization details for the next event period will be updated in time on this website.