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Here you can find further publications of the Chair of Digital Industrial Service Systems, Chairholder Professor Dr. Martin Matzner, which are not related to the main focus of the Chair.


Data-driven analysis, benchmarking, and coordination of European IS-curricula

Data-driven analysis, benchmarking, and coordination of European IS-curricula

In the pastcouple of years, digital technologies and information systems have becomeincreasingly pervasive in almost every part of life and the economy. Theassociated implications are widespread and lead to the emergence of a varietyof multifaceted phenomena, from increasing psychological strains of adolescentsbecause of social media, to the more efficient monitoring and execution ofbusiness processes in…

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Zukunftsforschung im Supply Chain Management

DeuBraNet 2011: German-Brazilian Workshop on Management and Engineering of IT-Supported Business Networks, Administration Networks and Social Networks

Today, we observe the emergence and proliferation of networks in almost all aspects of professional and private life as parts of a shift towards a Networked Society. DeuBraNet 2011 provides a platform for inter-disciplinary discussions and presentations of Brazilian and German researchers that study networks in business and public administration as well as social networks to mere the understanding of the Networked Society and to identify prospects for future research. The DeuBraNet 2011 is funded…

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